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Our reliable, local service does not end when your website design is complete. We offer worry-free, continuous maintenance of your website!

Your internet presence is in the hands of a neighbor you can trust!

With White Squirrel Website Solutions, your Internet presence is in the hands of a neighbor you can trust. We understand the unique marketing needs of your resort area business - and the seasonal effects on your business and your budget!

Our TEAM Approach To Building The Website YOU Envision

Our Assessment

Our first step is to learn as much as we can about your business or organization. We believe that, as your webmaster, we are a vital part of your team!

Your Vision

From our very first meeting, we attempt to learn YOUR VISION of your completed website. We guide you through the planning process so that, together, we have planned the perfect site for your needs.

Building Your Internet Presence

The Design

Once we have a plan, we begin the design – the “look & feel” of your website. The design includes the images, logos, colors, and fonts.

The Layout

The layout determines where and how the information will appear and the way your visitors will navigate the site.

The Content

Your website’s information is then loaded into the site’s database. Some of this will be copy that you have provided and, depending on our arrangement, copy we have written for you.


As we input your content, we code each page with information to help Google and other search engines “crawl” your site. Search Engine Optimization is the primary method for guiding customers to your website.

The Review

Once the site is encoded, we review the site, creating a “punch list” of revisions and additions. The Launch 6 When everything is ready, we LAUNCH – your site is live!

Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is available on all of our websites, allowing you to easily update your website on your own.

CMS is a software system that provides website authoring, collaboration, and administration tools designed to allow users with little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease.

A robust Web Content Management System provides the foundation for collaboration, offering users the ability to manage documents and output for multiple author editing and participation.

CMS allows non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training - a website maintenance tool for non-technical staff.

Don’t have time to update your site? We will handle those routine updates for you - at no extra charge!

One of the most widely-used building platforms in use today, WordPress is an excellent tool for almost any site.

Trusted by millions, and a growing force in the CMS world, Joomla is known for being both highly customizable & user-friendly.

Generally used for more ambitious websites, Drupal allows for a customizable and highly-scalable environment.

Designed with E-commerce in mind, Magento provides user-friendly tools intended for building online stores.

Website Security

White Squirrel recommends that all sites are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection. SSL certificates are available to all Complete Solutions clients.

You may also be interested in ID Protect for your domain name(s) to prevent unwanted access to your private information.Click here to learn more.

Our reliable service does not end when your website design is complete. We offer worry free, continuous maintenance of your website!

Search Engine Updates

We maintain both Google and Bing Webmaster Accounts for your site, ensuring that your site complies with the current requirements for the largest search engines. Other search engines typically conform to Google standards.

Regular Backups

We backup your website regularly. The backups are kept for at least thirty days, and we save the first of the month backups forever!

Content Updates

We are always happy to perform routine updates to the content of your site.

Structure Updates

When updated material becomes available we perform the updates for you – including database structure and other components that keep your site running smoothly, conforming to the latest browser technologies.

Visual Inspection

We literally LOOK at your site on a regular basis to make sure your customers get the best internet experience.

Patrick Evans - Experienced Webmaster


A North Carolina native, Patrick Evans lived in Asheville, Waynesville and Hickory before moving to Myrtle Beach, SC when he was 30 years old. In 2015 he retired to his current home in Brevard, NC.


Patrick’s work experience is in the hotel and restaurant industry, where he has worked as a server, bartender, general manager, and data managment director. He was the on-site consultant for the development of the GuestMate© Hotel System and helped implement the system with many east coast hotels.


He began building websites in the 90’s when the internet first became mainstream, and in addition to his consultation work for GuestMate© he worked locally with businesses and individuals in IT consultation.

Web Myrtle

In 2008 Patrick formed his own company, Web Myrtle, and started providing not just web design but also hosting and domain names for his clients.

White Squirrel

Noting the uncommon white squirrels that inhabit the Brevard, NC area, Web Myrtle became White Squirrel Website Solutions in 2015.